Raising FSB with DDR2 800 vs DDR2 1000


I have what is probably a stupid questions, but it's one that's specific nonetheless, and thus I've had little luck in searching for an answer.

I have a motherboard that supports only changing bus frequency. This is the only way I have to overclock my cpu; there are no options for changing multiplier, voltage, etc. (cheap MOBO). The MOBO only uses DDR2 667 or 800, and I am currently using 800, but it supports FSB settings up to 1333.

My problem is this: when I change the bus speed to overclock my Celeron E3300 to 3.3GHz (266 or the next FSB setting of 1066) it clocks my DDR2 800 ram too high above the 400MHz threshold and causes my system to become unstable. If I back the bus setting down a little, back to 245 and 3.02 GHz cpu and ~400MHz ram, the system runs fine.

My questions is this: can I buy higher frequency ram, DDR2 1000, and use it in my MOBO that only supports 667 and 800 so that by changing my bus speed the ram will not be clocked too high and thus become unstable? I know the MOBO will only recognize the ram at a lower speed, but will the overclock above 400MHz that was unstable for my DDR2 800 be stable for the 1000? Or will the DDR2 1000 just not work at all in my MOBO?

I know this question may seem a little esoteric; then again probably not, everyone here most likely knows more than me. I'm just looking for a way to keep my system stable at the higher FSB setting because I like the performance gain I see by overclocking ever so slightly.

Thanks for your help and time!
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  1. have you tried changing the fsb:ram ratio in bios?
    also telling us your pc specs will help too
  2. Sorry, I completely forgot system specs:

    Celeron E3300 Dual-Core 2.50 GHz - Currently OC'd to ~ 3.02GHz
    ECS G41T-M
    4 GB Patriot DDR2 6400 - Currently at ~402MHz
    EVGA Nvidia GT 240
    320 GB 7200 Hitachi HD

    I couldn't find any specific setting to change the FSB/DRAM ratio in the bios. When I manually set the memory speed to 667MHz the ratio is 3:5, and when it's set to 800MHz the ratio is 1:2.

    There is an option to configure the individual timings of the ram, but I do not currently know enough to change them. Perhaps there is a way to configure the FSB/DRAM ratio and I do not know it? If it is something that only comes with certain MOBOs it's more than likely that mine doesn't have it; I bought my CPU/MOBO combo simply because of the low price.

    I'm just trying to squeeze every bit out of my budget system that I can :D
  3. how much you can overclock your computer heavily depends on your motherboard, ram and north-bridge
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    ECS boards are generally budget boards.

    I bought mine at Fry's. It was $200 but they threw in a free Q6600. Or did I get that backwards? :)

    I have an E6600 in it running at 3.0 GHz. The only OC option I had was choice of FSB frequency in the standard steps - 200, 266, or 333 MHz.Memory was automatically set by the SPD chip. No other adjustments possible.

    I think that you are out of luck. What you have is all you are going to get.
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