Which CPU is best for video editing (laptop)

I use Adobe Premiere After Effects, and Audition, and looking for the best option out there in the marketplace don't want to spend more than 1 grand.though..
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  1. Good luck ;) Good video editing requires lots of RAM, a fast HDD, and a fast processor. Difficult to find under $1k. If you MUST, get at least 4GB RAM and the fastest processor you can get for the model you're looking at. If you're looking at a 100mhz difference but 2x the cache, get the larger cache.
  2. a laptop for video editing will run you way over a $1000, you could get away with an asus 8930 with a C2Q but thats £1200.

    Was really tempted then to say just spend the extra $99 and get the laptop in the microsofts ad that giampalo got.
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