Is it worth it atm ?

Hey guys !
Building me a new gaming pc and really cant decide if I should go for a ssd or not, my main game is WOW.
Do I get me a intel 25x (or is it x25) to store os and WOW, or is it just a waste of money atm compaired to say 4 x samsung f3 500 gb in a raid 0 set upp ?
Do I get my moneys worth for a ssd now or is it worth its while to wait for g3 and just go for the normal hdd ?
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  1. If you can afford a SSD, 60+ gigs being the recommended minimum, then surely go for it.. The 4 hard drive RAID 0 setup will be faster compared to a single SSD but a little more riskier also..
  2. Thanx for ure answer Emperus :)
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