Please help me ??? hooks problems

McAfee Rootkit Detective --- try

sophos anti rootkit --- try

Trend Micro RootkitBuster --- try

RootkitRevealer -- - try

panda anti rootkit --- try

HouseCall --- try

anti malwarebytes -- try

Combofix --- try

Avira bootsector cd --- try

kaspersky rescue disk --- try

all registry keys delete --- try
all registry data values delete ---- try

MemTest cd try

chkdsk / r ---- try
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  1. I know the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", but I looked at one and still have no idea what your problem or question is, and I don't have the time to pour over thousands of more words!

    Please explain your problem with words so you can get an answer.
  2. problem hooks

    how to fix hooks ??

    how to debug hooks ??
  3. Hooks are a tools normally only used by Windows programers to debug input messages, or to simulate messages.

    How does that apply in this case? Are you writing a program to hook into messages?
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