Can an external 2.5" usb hardrive be used inside a laptop?

Hey all.

For this product, would i be correct in saying that inside of the case is a regular SATA 2.5" hardrive for laptops? What im saying is...could i open it up and use it for a new hardrive for my laptop?

I would much rather have that hardrive than this Its cheaper, and spins faster:


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  1. It depends on your laptop but yes you should be able to use it if you wish.
  2. what would it depend on? if the laptop has SATA?
  3. Yes your laptop will need it since most of these smaller external drives never used IDE.
  4. Alphamonkey said:
    what would it depend on? if the laptop has SATA?

    In addition to making sure your laptop has SATA, you have to also make sure it can handle the 12.5 mm height of the hard drive
    inside the enclosure.

    For example, my laptop can only accommodate 9.5 mm drives, thus I would not be able to use this drive internally.

    This is what's listed under the product specs for the Western Digital Scorpio Blue internal laptop HD: "1 TB models are 12.5 mm high and may not be compatible with all notebook systems. Consult system specifications for maximum allowable drive height before attempting to install."

    I know you asked about the Toshiba, but as of right now, the max capacity for 9.5 mm hard drives is 750 GB - also a WD Scorpio Blue. Currently $110 at NewEgg.

    Keep in mind that all of the above are 5400RPM. In my opinion, you're better off with a 7200 RPM. However the max capacity for those is 500GB.

    Hope this helps,

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