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hello iam in need for some help i have the m3n78 pro motherboard and a geforce 9800gtx+ ia mtrying to get hybrid power to work could anyone tell the best way to install hybrid sli properly i have read so many forums on it and they tell you diffrent ways of using it some say the display drivers have to match the onboard gpu and the video card so they have the same driver numbers and some say you dont the closest i have got it to work is the card powers down but i cant change it to performance mode and when i look in device manager the on board gpu which is an geforce 8300 shows the driver installed for it but the 9800gtx just shows up as vga devive so iam guessing this is the problem is there any one out there who can help me gettting hybrid power to work properly and the best way to install drivers for it and i know you have to connect monitor cable to onboard but do you connect it to onboard when you install drivers for 9800gtx help help thank you all
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  1. Inorder to use that feature(Hybrid Power), download 'NVIDIAHybridDisplay_V715117413_Vista' from Asus website. Hybrid Power & GeForce Boost works with Windows Vista Only. After installing that, you'll obtain an option to enable/disable the feature from the taskbar. Check if you have enabled Hybrid SLi feature in BIOS. If enabled, both 9800GTX+ and 8300 will be shown in display adaptors. You don't have to install seperate drivers for both(nVidia provides a single driver version supporting both GPU's).
  2. hello thanx again for your advice so do i need to just download that one driver the hybrid driver thats it no other ones and that will work for both onboard and 9800gtx. or do i need to install another one from nVidia so i have the hybrid driver and the other driver both installed together thanxfor your help mate but i upgraded to this mother board for the hybrid feature now am reading lots of bad reviews saying the hybrid feature is a pain to enable . another thing to ask when i install the nforce chipset drivers they also have a display driver in with it do i need to instal that driver or just the ethernet and smbus and audio drivers and leave the display one out where is the best place to have the monitor connected during the driver install procces do i just leave it plugged into the on board at all times thanx again for your time mate
  3. Usually, the one which shipped with the motherboard would be older. Better get display driver from nVidia website. And as far as Hybrid driver concerns, better download driver provided by motherboard vendor(Asus).

    Also check this link. It might be useful.
  4. which driver should i install first the display driver for onboard +9800gtx and then the hybrid driver ? sometimes when i install the latest display drivers i cant get the green icon to appear when i got it to install properly before everything was running right till i checked the temps of the 9800gtx when it was in save power mode it was running hotter than it would of been in performance mode it didnt switch the card off at all but i got the icon in task bar and the drivers in device manager showing properly but for some reason in save power mode it didnt save power at all i always thought the hybrid sli driver was all you had to do was install that thanx again for your help
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