Which SSD is best?

I'm trying to figure out which SSD I should buy.

Speed and efficiency is what I'm looking at, storage space isn't a big deal to me because I'm installing a 1TB HD as a storage drive. The SSD will be boot.

I'm stuck between the 64 GB Kingston SSDnow V series and the 40 GB Intel X25-V

Any big differences?
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  1. Intel read/writes: 170MBps/35MBps

    Kingston r/w: 200/160

    But Intel has more "support." An Intel X25-V 40GB is basicaly a iX25-M 80GB in half (half the chips, half the speed).

    What about an A-DATA X25-M 80GB, it's Co-Intel "logo'd". But I havn't heard anything about them, other than they are $20-30 less.
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