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February 7, 2009 7:10:54 PM

I am trying to find a fairly inexpensive gaming video card, and have a computer that has a slot identified as PCIe x8, and am not sure if this is PCI Express x8 or not. Also, I see all video cards are for PCI Express x16. Will they work in the PCIe x8 slot on my computer?

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February 7, 2009 8:40:31 PM

L1qu1d said:
So is it pci exp 8x or not? lol

Use CPU z under motherboard it should show you.

That review should give you a better idea.

Please type out your system Specifications and Monitor Resolution.

Your Link helped some. Thank you.
System Specs I am considering for upgrade are:

1280x1024 Monitor resolution, 17" flatscreen Dell

Dell SC 420 (bought as a server but considering using it for upgrade for compatibility with newer games)

purchased with No Sound card, with only onboard video chipset, Thinking of using existing SB Audigy Audio Card from another comp.

Existing 512 meg DDR2 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered memory in 2 of 4 slots. Will buy 2Gig of memory along with new card if decide to go this route as well as a new DVD / RW drive.

HD is 148 gig with 240 Gig USB external companion HD

MB has Intel P4 / 2.8 Ghz processor w/1 mb 2nd level cache, 4 PCI slots and one "PCIe x8" slot which I am questioning whether x16 Video Cards will work in.

If not, I will scrap this whole idea and get an AGP card for existing Gateway 500XL which I am currently using with out dated video card (ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro). Would prefer to keep Gateway comp as is for Video Capture, editiing etc, and put together another comp for gaming and general use. I thought my existing Dell SC 420 would be a good candidate.

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February 7, 2009 9:00:31 PM

if your going to want a gaming computer your going to want to look at some new specs to get the best ouf of a card.

Now its going to be hard to build a video capturing and gaming computer together in 1 and expect both to grow evenly.

What is your primary use? I mean you could make an all in one computer, but adding a capture card can be block the slots for adding a 2nd video card down the road...

So if your not a HARDcore gamer, you could do with 1 slot. I mean you do only have 1280x1024.

So I guess if it weer me, I would build a system from the ground up, because both gaming and capturing would be crippled from the specs of either computer:) 

February 8, 2009 2:32:07 AM

Ok if your are using a Dell server mobo to add a pciex16 video card you will need to modifi the pci slot on the Dell PC.

On Dell server the SCvercion Dell criple the PCI slot adding a small piece of plastic, so it will only allow you to use a pci x8 card on the sistem.

basicaly these SC server uses workstation motherboards and to discourage people to convert this cheap boxes into gamming plataform Dell made this modifications.

the solution its either, does not do anything with the mobo and use a PCI x 8 vid card (not a very powerfull solution) or use a dremel remove the plastic divition on the pci x16 slot (taking the rist to damage your mobo) and force a bIOS update to change BIOS x the workstation counterpart.

either way has theyre own risk, I've seem people modify their system with no uses, buts its your call on this one.
(sorry x the bad english nos my native language)
February 8, 2009 2:42:42 AM

Deleted. Already answered.