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Hey guys! I went out and bought myself an AMD 1055t, and I'm having some problems with overclocking it. I've ran Everest Benchmark and find the CPU running at 40 degrees Celsius within 5 minutes.

Current issues -

1. Can't get FSB beyond 275 - Mobo will say OC failed and to re-do the settings.

2. When running at 275 FSB (3.85ghz) After running a stability test (Everest) for 10 minutes I get BSOD telling me it's doing a memory dump.

Questions - What is it that's preventing me from raising the FSB above 275? What would be causing my BSOD?

Settings -

FSB - 275
Dram - 900 - 950mhz
CPU voltage - 1.45v
Multiplier - 16.5x
Turbo - off
Everything else - Auto

Specs -
CPU - AMD3 1055t 6 core (Thuban)
MOBO - Asus m4a79 Deluxe
Ram - OCZ Reaper DDR2 - stock 800mhz
Graphics - Nvidia GTX 480
CPU cooling - Coolit eco /w push & pull fans that run around 90cfm each
O/S - Windows 7 64 bit
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    A memory dump is indicative of unstable memory settings.

    Take your memory timings off auto. Replicate your stock timings manually. Auto memory timings may change each time you boot up, and that is a variable that if out of control, can cause significant complications when OCing the rest of your system.

    If you haven't lowered your memory multiplier (stock 800mhz would be the x4.00 option) then your raised FSB may be pushing your memory past its stability limits. try dropping the memory to x3.33 for an effective 915mhz, or even down to x2.66 for an effective 732mhz. The performance difference will be damn near unnoticable, but if memory instability is your issue, than this may alleviate your crashes.
  2. Yup sounds like memory, Use divider to check, set memory low and raise fsb beyond 275. Then afterwards get best OC on memory or Tighter timings, always find stable CPU speed first!

    Max temp usually considered around 60 Celcius for AMD for CPU not cores which will be cooler.

    Also what Voltage are you using on NB, that will need extra voltage as well to go beyond 275.

    I have had my 1055t at close to 4.6ghz with 323 dialled in. You are ok on CPu volts though, had mine at 4.2ghz with 1.45, needed 1.5 to go to 4.6 though!

    Am using Corsair XMS 3 dialled in at 1600mhz 7,8,7,20
    But they run ahppily at 1900mhz 9,9,9,24.

    Timings are the key, slack them off totally and get CPU speed, then tighten one at a time till instability, loosen one notch and go to next timing.

    Your choice will be faster speed looser timings or slower speed tighter timings, benching will tell you which is faster. (for me on Asus 890fx ROG its tight timings any day of the week!)
  3. BTW, you can get precise BSOD info by changing some settings in windows 7 so that your PC won't turn off immediately after BSOD.
  4. Memory Dump is the contents of the Memory being written to a log file on the HDD for later analysis of the BSOD problem, It has nothing to do with stability, it is a routine instruction in place for diagnosis, one that you can switch on and off from within windows

    (Right Click Computer, properties, Advanced, Start up and Recovery, and its there on the bottom usually set to Kernel Memory Dump!)

    I still say BSOD in your case is Memory speed and timings not being set correctly!
  5. Thanks for the replies!

    I looked into my bios, and couldn't find any memory multiplier (There was one option which changed the frequencies, but It was already set on the lowest setting). Although I did ramp up the voltage running to my ram and played around with the latency by increasing the timers, and I now have the system running stable at a bus of 275 (can reach 280 but it's unstable). Looks like I will need to wait until I upgrade my mobo and ram to get some higher clocks.

  6. My bad roger, you are ocing on ddr2, I misread ant took it as ddr3 and doubled the frequency up in my head, if you have those chips up to 900mhz set to lowest they will go then thats as good as it gets!

    Yup new board and ddr3 will take it well beyond 4ghz, but get good fast ddr3, 1600mhz for the dividers to allow high fsb!

    bets of luck
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