Building gaming computer for my son 1500-1800

I allready purchased him g15 keyboard/ habu mouse and have a copy of windows vista. I built my sons last computer 3 years ago on here getting help from you guys/girls and would appreicate the help again. My son is a gamer and plays FPS/RPG and all sorts of games. I'm looking to build this sytem before his birthday on Jan. 18th.
Thanks Again.
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  1. Go with an i7 system with either a 4870x2 or the new GTX 295. With the budget you have you should have no problem building it.
  2. Do you have a monitor already? If not, get an Acer 24".

    You could try something like this (prices from Newegg, approximate, after rebate, before shipping and taxes):

    E8500 $190
    GA-EP45-UD3R $105
    HD 4870 X2 $400
    PC Power & Cooling 750W $80
    WD6401AALS $80
    SH-S223Q $30
    CoolerMaster HAF 932 $160

    Total $1050 I think. Possible upgrade Q9550, for an extra $140, but it won't do much in games. Possible upgrade i7 920/x58 mobo/DDR3 RAM, for an extra $400 or so, but again for minimal benefit in games. Maybe a sound card and speakers. If you're into overclocking add a HDT-S1283 cooler (for E8500 or Q9550, but not for i7 920).
  3. If you buy an I7, the aftermarket coolers are expensive and the stock one is trash.

    If you are planning on buying a 24+ inch monitor, you are going to want a 4870x2 (500 or so). If you are talking 20-, you are better off with a single 4870.

    If you are talking 17inch, then you want a 4850.

    If you are talking 1080p TV, 4870x2.

    aevm's system looks good to me.

    edit: Some 4850x2s are on the market, but they seem to be poorly made so I would avoid them.
  4. This is just a little i7 build that I threw together that fits your price range and is very nice.
  5. Not bad. I'd just change the DVD to a SATA model instead of IDE and the MB to something like GA-EX58-UD3R

    It's $90 less than the P6T. It doesn't support SLI but who needs that with a GTX 295. Besides, an 850W PSU is too small for two GTX 295 cards. nVidia recommends 1300W for that.
  6. My son ended up matching my price so I was able to build him something a bit more expensive just stuck on a few pieces.

    Currently have these :
    All thi stuff is from dell pretty much copied an XPS build since I get big discount there.
    Operating System - Vista 64- Bit Home Premium
    Processor - Intel Core i7 - 965 Extreme - Level 2 (factory O/Cd to 3.7GHz)
    Memory - 6GB Tri - Channel DD3 at 1066MHz (3x2GB DIMM)
    Video Card - nVidia Geforce GTX280 1024mb x2
    Hard Drive - 600GB Velociraptor Data ( 2 x 300 GB SAtA - II 10000 RPM Hdds)
    Optical Drive -LG DvD burner
    Sound Card - Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium
    Mouse/keyboard - Habu mouse / g15 keyboard

    What I need :
    A compatible motherboard
    Power supply
    Aftermarket cooling if necessary
  7. Wow...

    Some ideas:
    Motherboard: eVGA x58
    Case: CoolerMaster HAF 932
    Power Supply: Corsair 1000HX
    Aftermarket cooling: it's necessary all right, at 3.7 GHz. Noctua NH-U12P or Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme+Scythe SFF21F (the LGA1366 versions)
  8. is the 1000 watt necessary or would something like 850 watt still work?
  9. It would probably work, just not in the optimal efficiency range of the PSU.

    Here's nVidia 's list of recommended PSUs for two GTX 280 cards.

    They range from Antec Signature 850W to 1200W and even 1500W. OK, 1500W is ridiculous, ignore that.
  10. Awesome I appreciate the help do you have any other reccomendations for the build?
  11. It looks very beautiful already. I just hope you get a big discount, because it's very expensive.

    I assume the Velociraptors will be in RAID 0. Otherwise, I'd replace one of them with a $80 640GB WD6401AALS drive.

    That DVD burner is SATA, not IDE, right?
  12. Ya its SATA. Yes they will be RAID 0 as well. It is very expensive what I've been finding out but having him pay for something rather then be just buying it might teach him some responsibility. Oh I had one more question if you dont mind. Any 20-24 inch monitors you reccomend. I'm not looking to spend too much more since this has allready doubled my original budget but something nice since his is currently only 15inch >_<.
  13. Well, with that kind of graphics power it makes sense to go for 24" (1920x1200) rather than 1680x1050 (22" or 20").

    This is Newegg's best-selling 24" monitor:
    Acer P243WAid Black-Silver 24" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen LCD HDCP $340
  14. For a 22", this one has the most reviews and 5 eggs:
    Acer X223Wbd Black 22" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor - Retail $170
  15. If budget allows I would go for this LG 25.5" over the Acer 24" its only $349.99 shipped with this promo code: EMCABAHAF
  16. +1. Nice find. I saw that LG at BestBuy last month and liked it. It had better vision angles than the other 24" or larger monitors in there, including some Samsung and Viewsonic models.

    These are the Hard drives Im getting x2. I was wondering if they are compatible with the evga x58 motherboard.
  18. ROFLLMAO. $340 for a Velociraptor at Dell, when Newegg sells them for $200???

    Yes they are compatible with the eVGA x58, no worries there.
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