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Ok guys, well this problem has been driving me nuts for almost 3months now. I'll try to pass all the information that I have.

The problem is simply, my machine doesnt want to POST. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesnt. Now this is the funny part is, if the machine doesnt want to POST, if you press the reset button it randomly sometimes manages to POST. Well before I explain what I have tried to do let me give you the specs first.

Asus M3A79-T Delux motherboard
2x 2GB DDR 2 1066 OCZ fatality memory
Sapphire HD4870 1gb toxic edition
AMD 9950 Black edition CPU
250GB western digital HDD
950watt coolermaster PSU

So let me give you info on what I have done already.

I have tried to flash the BIOS, it didnt work after that i have downloaded the newest BIOS file (0902) flashed it and still the same problem.

After the BIOS I tried the system with no HDD and no cd-rom/dvd-rom. Still the same issue.

I also tried with different memory (Hynix DDR 800) and i also tried with only one memory module installed. Still the issue remains.

After that I tried another GFX card (XFX Ge-force 7900GTX) still the issue remains.

I tried another PSU a EZ-cool 700watt and a Thermaltake 750watt. Still the issue remains.

I tried another CPU (9950BE) and a (940). still it remains.

Then I tried all of the above in different mixed alternatives, the issue was still there.

Whilst the mixed alternatives was tried I also tweaked the BIOS manually like the DDR dimm voltage from 1.8-2.1 and various tweaks here anf there. But still the system refused to boot at random times. I also tried the Idoit proof defaults and still the system is giving me headaches.

I hope that someone has the same issue that I have so that i can figure out whats the problem. Should I just RMA the board? Or what? Please guys im so sick of this issue, I havent been able to enjoy my system for 2months now. Please. Thanks
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  1. check your motherboard mounting screws. You know the ones that hold the motherboard to your case's tray. Been building systems for years and one time i put 1 extra unused screw post into the case tray (while not actually driving a mounting screw into the post) and had the same exact problems you did. Talk about embarrassing. If that isn't your problem then more than likely your board has a bad chip on it and you should probly RMA. But as stated first make sure that you only have the needed amount of screw posts installed into the motherboard mounting tray. Extra posts = electrical short = VERY funny computer activity. Hope this helps
  2. seems to me that the asus m3a79t deluxe gives nothing but problems..

    i got that board and i cant install xp on my system.. i get a BSOD (blue screen of death)

    also gettin fed up with it..

    i have sympathy for you.. because its a expensive board and it obviously sucks when your hard work ends up being a waste of time..
  3. thanks for the advise. I took the board out of the case and tried it as well still at random times it has that posting issue.

    And holcowimanoob I agree with you this board is "one of the best" but it doesnt seem so. I have always been a asus fan, but unfortunately I regret not taking the MSI board in the same class for a lot cheeper. Friend has the same system as I have exept he got himself the MSI 790fx board, and his expierce with his system is an absolute breeze.

    I also tried to contact Asus to see if they maybe have a BIOS update or something to fix the problem, but NO REPLY YET!!!! ARRRRGGGG!!!

    And BTW this is the second board (M3A79-T Delux) the first one did the same thing. I think I should just get my money back and spend it else where since I had no joy from ASUS this year
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