Best AGP card for under $100 (older pc)

He guys,
well my stepdads old video card burnt up yesterday geforce 7600 and he wants to get a new one for around 75-100 dollars. His pc has 3 PCI slots and one AGP 8x slot, I wads wondering if you guys could suggest the best Video card for the buck. He wants to game with it.


Edit: Well I guess I should have looked at the sticky =/... Well can you guys give your opinion on which would be best via experience with the card.
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  1. well for 20 bucks more you can get the best AGP card there is...

    if not a radeon 3650 is probably the best for that price
  2. I will bring that one up to him, I think he is looking for one around the 70'ish mark unless he really has/needs to get the best one. I mean are the other ones decent cards or should he just go ahead and get a 3850

  3. For AGP that's probably the best, seeing as AGP is pretty well dead at this point.
  4. Well if you're looking at around $700 then it's going to be either a Radeon 2600XT or a 3650. Of course the cheaper cards generally have underclocked cores like this one that has a core speed of 600MHz so it's really a 2600 Pro

    For a little more here is a full speed 3650 DDR2

    Note that the DDR2 boards have an effective memory speed of 1000 while the DDR3 boards are suppose to have an effective speed of 1600. Really though the current cost of a DDR3 3650 or 2600XT is too close to the price of the 3850 AGP to justify.
  5. We are thinking of getting either a saphire or powercolor HD 3850. Now we are wondering about the power requirements, The pc has a 250 watt PSU :bounce: and I have read around. Some people say that is cool and it will be fine others say you need a 300-400 :o . Can anyone give me some advice on this, I think it will be fine because he wont be running alot of really taxing games alot. As in not the games that load the card alot.
  6. 250 is most likely not enough. The thing to look at is not the watts but the amps. Look at what the manufacturer recommends, newegg should have a link to their product page on the website. On the power supply look at the number of amps on the 12v+ rail, that will give you a better indication of how strong the power supply really is.
  7. +1 to ohiou_grad_06

    a 3850 is quite powerful in terms of power drawn from the PSU, a 250W is almost a definite no go. I'd recommend atleast 400W, check out the Corsair VX 450W, will be perfect with room to upgrade any other parts in the future.
  8. My bad guys I meant the 3650 not the 3850. I meant to ask about the PSU with the 3650. Also what do you guys think about the 2600xt and the 1650pro. I still think he wants to get the 3650, but has anyone has experience with the other two?
  9. I am ordering these today, Should I stick with the 3650 or has anyone had experience with the 1660pro or 2600XT.

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