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My friend wants to play games better on this PC. 4GB should be good, even though it will only recognize 3GB, right? Also, what is the best graphics card the stock mobo/cpu/cpu cooler can handle? He doesn't want to spend more than $100.
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  1. The stock PSU is only 300W so a Radeon 4870 or a Nvidia GTX 260. But if you're looking for sub 100 then a Radeon 4670 or Nvidia 9600.
  2. I have a DEll Inspiron 531s I Know it's Power Supply is Small and the case is Slim as Heck, but it's a powerful Dual 4400+ Computer. If you get the card that I got, the (JATON Video-PX8400GS_EX GeForce 8400 GS 512MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Low Profile Video Card - Retail) From Newegg.com - Just install the low profile bracket that comes with this, very simple.

    This is probably the FASTEST Video Card you can get for this Computer with it's Power Supply. This Card actually recommends you have a 450w PSU, but I only have the 250w PSU and my computer gets alitte hot but it DOESNT burn out. Any card stronger then this I belive will damage your computer.

    So Far I Can Play left4dead on high settings, PEFECT - CS:S PERFECT, Fear2 - PERFECT. It's a really great card and I suggest you order it.

    Just type in 14-139-031 into the Search Box at http://www.newegg.com - the best, MOST TRUSTED computer retail parts store on the internet.

    Belive me, I searched for a MONTH for a good card to fit, to play games and I found it - GET IT. Please let me know you will not get any other card, THIS IS IT MY FRIEND! I Prommise you're friend will be happy. Other then that, get a new computer.... :D
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