Unexplainable and weird freezing issue

first a little background story, about 6 months ago i purchased the following parts from newegg.com in an attempt to build a new system:
Asus M3N78 Pro AM2+
EVGA 9800GTX+ 512mb
750 Watt "Silencer" by PC Power and Cooling
AMD 9950 Phenom (Agena Core) AM2+
Crucial Ballistix 2Gx2 - BL2KIT25664AA80A
Western Digital Raptor 10k 16m SATA HD
Acer 19" LCD
WinXP SP3 32Bit
(kept my original black Antec case which has always done a good job as far as airflow and interior space)

the first month went by without any problems, however in increasing frequency the problems started occurring after that. when i would be doing ANYTHING, be it gaming, word processing, photoshop, video editing, online surfing etc. it would RANDOMLY freeze up completely at the very screen i would be at, at the time of, this would happen roughly once or twice a week. a couple weeks later, it started giving me BSoDs and freeze ups interchangeably, at first more freeze than bsods and as time progresses, at about the same frequency of each, and about 1 month or so after the BSoDs started occurring as well as the freezes, i was getting system deaths more and more frequently, at the end about 3-5 or more times a day in an 8 hour time span.

side note: the BSoD messages were different almost everytime, but with one particular occurring many times that caught my attention, it was something along the lines of "corrupt page file header" or something, and other ones which i looked in in google that eventually all pointed to a driver/memory/compatibility issue.

side note 2: when that system was first put together, the BIOS did not have memory latency timing settings so we used the default ones (which were just a block slower than the potential i could get from ballistix but it was not a big deal), however, we also used the default voltage settings for the ballistix(please take note, will be elaborated more later on this)

after all this started happening to an unbearable degree, i conducted memory diags and found an amazing amount of errors with the memory sticks, but since i wasn't sure if anything else was wrong also, i went ahead and RMAed all parts i thought that could be POSSIBLY the issue, including: motherboard, GPU, CPU, RAM, note: not psu or HD or display, due to being extremely paranoid about this system at this point, i paid more than 250$ to hire a "professional" to put together the system so as to NOT repeat the same problems as before, two months or so into this newly replaced system, i got another freeze up, this is what happened EXACTLY at the time:

- i tried to update my nvidia driver and after installation i restarted as it requested me, at the black windows XP loading screen-with that little blue bar thing on the bottom, right before the welcome screen, after a longer than usual amount of time, the screen froze(bar stopped moving), i pressed the hard restart button on the front of the case, system restarts, loads to the desktop all the way with no problems, i fire up one full screen game, or at least tried to, system froze again less than 10 seconds into opening the game, after ANOTHER hard restart, the whole damn thing worked fine for the past 2-3 weeks straight, until last night.

sidenote: this time we've adjusted the memory voltage to the SPECIFIC ones required by crucial instead of system default, confirmed over the phone with them during the time of installation

sidenote 2: i've read somewhere that anti aliasing or gpu incompatibility could be the problem here, and therefore disabled AA completely, but i hardly believe this could be the case in my situation because as far as i understand, even if the gpu was the issue and/or busted completely it would only cause the graphics on screen to go berserk and not locking up the system hardcore completely, but i could be just an idiot here so, please read on.

last night's scenario was just like the original built system, before the RMAing of all the parts, however one thing to note: so far i have only have 2 complete incident of freezing and NO BSoDs yet, but the whole experience feels exactly the same as before. everything happened exactly the same way as months ago with the pre-replacement system, completely random freezing with absolutely NO fore-warnings, no system lag, no change of settings, no error msgs of any sort. and since the first time it happened and last night, i've ran memory diags again with many passes showing absolutely no errors, either a month ago or last night, nothing.

Please for the love of god, someone shine a light as to what the f*ck is wrong(be easy on the technicality level please, i am but a noob..)
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