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My configuration can be found to left under member config. A couple of weeks ago my monitor on bootup only had the amber lights which is a common occurrence for me and which i typically related to my graphics card...anyway this time the monitor went dead--got a new monitor and still nothing on the screen but I hear I could hear the computer booting up and going thru all the motions... So I removed my diamond graphics card and sent it back under RMA. Got the new card, installed and got bios rom checksum error.....I first tried to create a system disk to install by floppy as the message called for that---using my older ps/2 keyboard was able to insert the floppy and upon hitting enter got boot failure message----next I removed the ballistix tracer ram from slots 1 and 3 and then tried each individually. For one there was no change in either slot BUT the 2nd one provided processor, cpu and memory test indicating OK with Press Delete to enter Setup....well my ps/2 board lit up as the computer was turned on but did not operate once the screen came up... Ditto for the #3 slot too.

DFI tech said my one ram stick was definitely bad and so I contacted Crucial and waiting on them.... Tech said even tho memory test said OK possibly the other ram stick was also bad and it would be replaced along with the definitely bad stick anyway under warranty..

I am wondering why the system did not fully boot up with just the one ram stick and why I could not enter Setup (I also tried my optical wireless keyboard to no avail) I have had to do xp repair or complete reinstalls in the past and always used the ps/2 keyboard as it would operate whereas the usb keyboard would not.. I have not tried to do cmos reset by pushing in the reset and start buttom at same time but then I am not getting cmos checksum error but the Rom one which has nothing to do with the clock or battery
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  1. Final update--the crucial ballistix tracer ram was the culprit--once I got the new ram everything ran fine--so both of the original two sticks of ram were bad even tho one still showed memory was good...
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