Buying video card tonight/tomorrow, final questions

Been waiting for my paycheck so I can pick up a new card...don't have one so I need one to play world of warcraft and fallout 3. I'm gonna buy one right away instead of debating too much, did some research and narrowed it down to these, it doesn't really matter which one for my purposes but here you go:

I'm poor so I don't want to get a top end one and these seem to give the best value for the money price point(4670 and 4830). Thought i would run it by u guys before I buy it, if you can think of a better deal let me know, or some problems that might come up.

Other than that, I have a TV tuner card and a media PC so I want to be able to continue to watch/record TV on my card since I have a big ass monitor and no TV. Can I still use my video card with the regular PCI slot TV tuner card hooked up to cable? As far as I can tell the newer high end video cards dont' have TV-in (these models don't, I think).

Also I'll be watching movies a lot so I hope these cards help with the codecs or decompression or whatever, and I'd ideally like to be able to watch those high def trailers and stuff on quicktime, the ones with the HD codecs or whatever.

Let me know...As soon as I get some confirmations here I'm gonna buy a card cause I really wanna start playing.

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  1. HD4830 is a good choice
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