How to vertex2+windows7+trim??? noob question

i just got SSD vertex2 60GB. i've also installed windows7 and switch the bios to AHCI before the install. now my question is what is next????

how do i get trim to work properly and how to check it?
what tools do i need to optimize my SSD to keep it fresh and run as fast?
Hoow/ do i have to downlad intel chipset 9.6??

thank you

Intel C2Q 6600
Kingston 4GB ddr2 8500
Foxconn ELA P45
GTX 275
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    The updated Intel driver is here: Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

    To check trim, do this: a clip from the article "SSD Support is Native to W7" from ""

    ...From the get-go, Windows 7 will take advantage of a SSD/TRIM-enabled drive and configure it for you. While I personally disable the pagefile entirely, those who still use it will benefit significantly by keeping it on your SSD.

    To determine if your SSD supports TRIM, open a console as Admin;

    fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

    If the console returns a '0', your drive supports TRIM and it is ENABLED.

    If it returns '1', the file system has disabled TRIM for your drive. This means your drive's controller does not support TRIM.

    Don't fret.

    A firmware upgrade may correct the problem as more and more SSD manufacturers are now implementing this essential feature in the form of BIOS updates for older drives and natively in new drives. Check your drive's site for possible upgrades. While, forcing TRIM is possible, it is not recommended.

    To do this: start/all programs/accessories/command prompt/right click/choose run as administrator.

    It'll open a "DOS" window, type in the command (in bold above)...

    Also, since you have an OCZ SSD, download "Garbage Collection" from the OCZ website here: All OCZ Indilinx-Based SSDs

    It's a "clean up" utility for you SSD. But is doesn't run as a background application, as TRIM does.
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  3. ty for the reply,
    i've d/l 3 files that u have listed.
    My return was "0" i'm quite happy about that. if there is anything else i might need to know please, do tell.
  4. Ok, one last link: The SSD Review

    However, I didn't so any of these "tweaks" (I have my reasons), except move the pagefile to a HDD. But I have 6GB RAM, so it's never used, only took up space.

    But others have done these tweaks without incident.
  5. what is a page file? I have 6GB as well, so do i need to move em? if then, how so?
  6. The "pagefile" used to be called the "winswapfile." It is virtual memory stored on a hard drive.

    With 6GB of RAM, you probably never use it, so it's just taking up 6-9GB of space on your SSD.

    To move it to a hard drive, but still be there is case of usage bear with me, I'm on a WinXP machine right now, but Win7 should be very similar:

    start/computer/right-click/choose properties/advanced tab/look under Performance for something "Virtual Memory"/settings/advanced/virtual memory/change/choose your SSD drive/select NO Paging File/click set/(ignore warnings, or clikc OK/Continue/select the hard drive/select system managed size/click "set"...

    Very long winded, and the steps for Win7 may be different.

    Here is a link I found: Windows 7 virtual memory performance optimization.

    I would only move it if you run low on space on the SSD. Because if you ever use it (i.e. in Games), you'd want the fastest access/read times you can get.
  7. although i'm running low on space, i have like 5GB left, i wouldnt move it because i want my game experience to be pleasant. thanks for the heads up BTW.
  8. You only have 5GB left of 60GB SSD? Wow, you must have ALOT of games and stuff!

    Do you still have a HDD connected? Maybe you should move all the "Libraries" to it, and use is as a data/media disk. From the C: drive, drag and drop these folders from the "User" folder to the D: drive - My Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos. That should free up alot of space, and Windows 7 will now point to the D: drive for these libraries.

    Did you "turn off" hibernate. That will free up to 6GB of space.
  9. holy ***! i just free up another 5GB. that was cool!


    now maybe i should move the page file also, hmm...........
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