I guess a blast from the past, i had this motherboard for ages and just decided to upgrade to a SATA HDD. I would like to use this as the primary drive and would like to Partition the drive for about 60gig for OS and the rest for Images, music etc...

I originally formated and partitioned the drive on another computer and i have now succesfully loaded the Vista OS on to the correct partition. If i turn my machine on and go into BIOS then exit and save changes without changing anything it boots up fine, also if am in Vista and restart it seems fine, but if i shutdown or switch PSU off from the mains i get disk boot faliure.

Any ideas? i have not updated the bios since i have had the motherboard and do not currently have a floppy drive but could get one if needed. If it worth formating the drive again and reinstalling Vista setting up the partitions at the time of installation?

Any help would be great.

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  1. Hey,

    Thanks for your reply and the link, i have had a quick look through the list and from what i can tell it would not be the problem, i may be wrong?

    As my machine will boot from the SATA drive with Vista on it if, i A) go into bios and exit or B) already in Vista and restart. the drive only comes up with the system boot error if it is from a cold boot ie turn the machine off at the mains and press the on button.

    I have also had a few comments from mates about the CMOS battery, but i do not have to re set the time every time.

    I am going to try and update my BIOS tonight as i now have a copy of XP that i can run the update from.

    I will report my findings but if anyone has any other ideas it would be great to hear from you.
  2. Well like i said i have done the update on my bios and updated to the most recent stable version. This has fixed all issues with my SATA drive, the update has to be done on XP or earlier as if you download the vista ASUS update tool it advises that the operating system is not compatable. The hard drive is now seen everytime i cold boot or restart my system and operating system is loaded without fail.
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