Problems While Streaming via Xfire

Ok so i play World of Warcraft and I can play it on either low settings or high w/o a problem.

All max settings i sit at 50fps+ constantly. (maybe 30 or so in big towns)

If I play on all low settings. i have 80-120fps constantly.

These are not my issues....

Whenever i start streaming my arena games using xfire my FPS gets massacred down to ~20fps or so. Now i know streaming is strenous on my computer but there is no way its gonna kill my fps by 60-80......

My theory is its my CPU or RAM or something? or that im using a pcie x16 1.0 slot vs. a 2.0 (duno how much of a diff 1.0 vs. 2.0 is)

So my computer specs.

MOBO: Asus P5Rd2-VM (not that great bu meh it works for now) (detailed specs of it below, btw does it support max 2gb total or 2gb per slot?)
CPU: Intel Pentium D 945 3.4ghz OCd to 3.75ghz
RAM: 2x 1024mb DDR2 533mhz
GPU: EVGA Geforce 9800gtx+ 1gb DDR3ram
PSU: Ultra 750watt LSP (at 12v it runs at 45a its a very good PSU)

My comp stays very cool as well. ~around 40-50C MAX.

So can anyone give me some reasons as to why streaming is soo horibble?

I know people who have worse cards and stream at higher fps then i do, however they have more ram or better cpus (hence those were my theories)

btw a small side fact, i recently upgraded to that GPU/PSU previously i had a stock 450w psu and a geforce 7800gt (overclocked) which ran WoW at about 35-45fps ON LOW settings or so (and when i streamed on it I would drop to 15-20 or so) So I KNOW it cant be my GPU. Cuz my non stream FPS jumped 3fold meanwhile my streamed fps changed almost not at all.

Any help is great or computer upgrade suggestions
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  1. ohh yah im running windows XP 32bit if that matters.
  2. bump still iso an answer.

    I have heard that it can be a bit of my processor and ram....

    now 2 questsions.

    1) will overclocking my CPU higher help
    2) can i upgrade my ram to 4gb and see an improvement? (also my current mobo only supports upto 663mhz ram ddr2, if i get 800mhz or more will it still work....yes i know it will get clocked down to 663 but will it work at least. that way i can use this ram in my next system build.
  3. Xfire video streaming(broadcast) is still in Alpha(That's even before beta). It has MANY rough edges. It drops your frame rate to the rate that it captures at. My guess is it captures at 20fps so your bandwidth is not killed. I will do a test and check it out for you.

    If you are not worried about streaming live, you can try to record a video then upload it. Xfire supports that feature as well with greater quality
  4. I dont think its just xfire, because I know buddies who stream with xfire live at 30-50fps while streaming so....
  5. Xfire + video card makers + drivers + cpu power + luck. Its an Alpha after all.

    I did a quick test on guild wars and its 30-40.

    tried Portal(HL 2 based), but well xfire will not capture it since steam has its own built in chat thingy

    Serious Sam 2 does not have a fps counter , but its not much of a hit if any.

    Quake 4 looses a bit.

    What screen rez do you run? do your friends also run P4 based systems? same screen rez? Core2 did wonders for multimedia/ending stuff and are clock for clock extremely fast compared to anything else.

    Your memory will not impact it too much if any. Overclocking may/should help, the amount will vary i am betting it will be small.
  6. all games me and my buddies did were world of warcraft so.....

    His processor is a Core 2 Duo, whereas mine is a Pentium D 945 (i got the first gen of duo cores pretty much :s)

    my resolution is 1680x1500? 22" widescreen monitor lol
  7. Well that core2 makes most of the difference. They do more instructions per clock and have a newer SSE unit that was much faster as well.

    You could try to steam at a lower rez, but i would look bad on your screen and only be useful for maybe showing someone the game.

    I think the biggest bottleneck for now is the cpu.

    On the main tomshardware page you will see a link to some cpu charts and see just how much they improved things on the core2(there have been several revisions) cpus.

    Since i do not have WoW i can not test it with xfire :p
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