SSD not being recognised by -anything-

Hi everyone. I just got a new computer today with an OZC Agility II 120 ssd and an asus rampage III extreme mobo.
Set up went smooth, was able to install win7 on the ssd easy enough, had no problems restarting and updating drivers ect. then I decided to be a tardass and accadently restarted the computer during a driver update (video driver) oops, comp restarted, but now the bios cant recognise the SSD. nor can the win 7 install disc.
I took the drive out and tried using a sata to usb cord on my laptop with no luck. Tried unplugging all other sata devices and booting with no luck. Tried clearing CMOS and restoring bios to defaults, no luck.

What can I do? Is it bricked after like 2 hours of use???? :(

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  1. Home built, Retailer built (i.e. CyberPower), or packaged (i.e. Dell).

    Return it, tell them you had a power outage during a download, and lost everything! It's not really a lie, you did loose power!
  2. It may have somehow knocked out the controller. Myabe a blip in power blew something or a quirk of software being interrupted and leaving the drive in a half finished state. Take the Drive back and have it tested.
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