Emergence of different sounds from different channels to provide

translated to English by Google Translate ingilice I do not know. I hope I will be a proper translation.

already have a radio that uses Flatcast infrastructure. The most important feature of the internet as you know radyoculuk be interactive. I let whatever come to my problem.

now playing a song during the broadcast, chat, talk about being in a certain time and that the fondness for a song that I want to play my song to play but does not require pre-listening. this time is going to broadcast the sound.

Let us come now to my question. to broadcast the music is different from our headphones make the music a different sound card do you have, or is the program? to broadcast sound with winamp, but that at that time between my headphones and listen to the song player w.media a sound card or the program will provide am seeking.

I hope there is such a sound card or program. Thank you in advance for your help or suggestions.
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  1. You should not need a separate sound card for headphones to work. The same sound card that your speakers use should be okay.

    Use a differnt translator next time! www. reverso.net is good
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