Bios doesn't list SCSI or 3rd party hardware

Hi anyone or everyone

I am trying to install a SATA drive as my primary boot drive. I know this question has been asked a trillion times but I am going to put it in my words.

I've successfully installed Windows XP on the the new SATA HD. When the install says it must reboot to complete the installation, it does not boot to the SATA. The RAID card is recognized as I was successful with the F6 process for the drivers.

I went into the BIOS to change my boot priorities but there is no choice for SCSI, 3rd Party Hardware, SATA...nothing. Any other choice that might work?

Your help would be priceless.

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  1. I forgot to add, when I install an IDE drive as the master with XP, the new SATA HD shows as drive D: with all the XP components installed to it.
  2. It's difficult to answer your question. If we knew what motherboard and RAID controller you have, it might be easier.
  3. I've had that same problem with both intel raid drivers and silicon image drivers, but not on all boards. The easiest way I've found is just use "nlite" and slip the drivers right into the install iso. Burn a new install disc, and you won't have the problem. It's worked everytime for me.
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