Is my Phenom 9950 bottlenecking my 4870 512 Xfire setup?

Hello all

I have a Gigabyte 790FX Mobo

4 GB OCZ Gold DDR2 800 RAM (5,5,5,18)

Phenom 9950 w/ Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer

Sapphire Radeon 4870 512mb

ASUS Radeon 4870 512mb

OCZ Core Series 30GB MLC SSD

2x WD Caviar 160 GB HDDs RAID 0

24" Gateway LCD

I am having problems with crossfire scalability.

In most games (I have another 17" monitor) I am only getting about 50% load on each GPU during games.

GRID, Bioshock GoW PC(this only loaded 1 GPU 50% so it doesn't count XD)

L4D, CoH:OF.

I also am getting wierd graphical stutters in GRID - I will get frequent very short frame drops.

Phenom is running stock 2.6

Windows sidebar shows that I'm not maxing out any cores on my Phenom

any Ideas - I am looking at selling one of my 4870s and/or getting a Phenom II 940

or doing nothing - that's always an option
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  1. The Os edition is Vista Or Xp ? and your power supply is ? Personnaly I think the CPU is enough for your PC may change the video drives into the lastest version number...
  2. Power Supply is Rosewill 750W and I'm running Vista 32bit

    Some CoH:OF Benchmarks:

    Everything turned all the way up w/8X MSAA

    CrossFire enabled:

    Average - 39.4 35.0 34.8 39.7

    Max - 61.3 60.0 61.3 60.9

    Min - 8.0 18.3 13.7 11.9 13.5

    Crossfire Disabled:

    Average - 35.9 34.4 38.0 36.5

    Max - 61.7 61.5 61.0 60.4

    Min - 18.9 18.9 8.8 9.2

    V-Synch seems to be enabled however there is no option in-game to disable it

    BTW CoH is a Steam copy and I used the built in benchmark tool

    going to go test WiC now XD
  3. I forgot - using Catalyst 9.1
  4. What do you mean V-sync seems to be enabled ? It should say in the CCC, there is a tick box if it is enabled then un tick it and see what happens.
    As far as bottlenecks are concerned, no there wont be a bottleneck. Will it run faster with a better CPU ? Yes it will run faster with a better CPU but that dosent mean you are bottlenecked its restricted but not bottlenecked.

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