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My friend has a configuration of intel core 2 duo E4600, asus P5QL-CM and i told him that i can overclock his cpu up to 3ghz but am not familiar with his BIOS so would you please help me. Am not tech savy as you guys are and would be really thankfull if you could help me out.
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    hello ...use del to enter the bios,all the ocing settings are in (ai tweeker) menu. your e4600 should be easy to get to 3.0 with its multi....of12 all you would need is a bus speed of 250(rated1000)mhz .just set the fsb first and then set your mem back down close to stock speed ,make sure you add some (not over 1.5v) volts to vcore.seeing as your going for an 600mhz oc.....have fun!!
  2. Hello there,

    Read this link first before getting in over your head and maybe burning something up.

    Good luck to you.:)
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