Gtx 295 quad sli won't boot

I just recently purchased a core i7 965, msi x58 platinum sli/crossfire, 2 295 gtx setup from cyberpowerpc...
Each card works fine as a standalone, i have the newest drivers, i properly unistalled the old ones, etc etc etc...the bios is also updated

But when i try to run in sli, by hooking up the cords and attaching the sli bridge, my computer wont boot monitor just stays black

The blue output led doesnt turn on for my primary card (it does for the bottom 295)...I also tried plugging my dvi cable into the bottom card and that didnt work

also, i have 6gb of ddr3 1800 ram...

any advice would be appreciated
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  1. Power, power and more power.
  2. can we have a little more information lol such as the wattage... mousemonkey has a point.

    I'm assuming its the power supply.
  3. I'm thinking something along the lines of a small to medium sized nuclear reactor. :lol:
  4. :)^ LOL
  5. lol 1000 watts...i think it could be the board...its the msi x58 claims to be sli, but i've heard that msi is **** and only supports xfire
  6. The origional revision MSI Plat only supported Crossfire, this is probably what you have. The new revision ($230) supports SLi which came out only a few weeks ago. - Non-SLI Original model (X58 Platinum) - SLi revisioned model (X58 Platinum SLI)
  7. 1000 watt PSU? How much amps does it get?

    I'm thinking it's not nerly enough since you're running basically 4 GTX260s in SLi.
  8. The cards alone are roughly 700W, so hes definetly cutting it close, i7 uses almost 200, so hes definetly leg humping that 1000W.
  9. "A second GeForce GTX 295 requires you to add another 300 Watts. You need a 1000 Watt power supply unit if you use it in a high-end system. That power supply needs to have (in total accumulated) at least 70 Amps available on the 12 volts rails. "


    The 4870 X2s in quad consume alot more, and I've seen ppl having 1000 Watt systems. Though what brand is it? Exact Model.
  10. Xion SuperNova XON-1000R14HE Power Supply

    Lol in the title it says that its SLI capable...but then further down in the description it says SLI Not Available
    1. i wish i would've read this more thoroughly
    2. Screw cyberpowerpc for not properly labeling their products
  12. Xion? Ahhh.......if that was the Corsair 1000HX you would be fine, or similar high end brand. The thing I hate about those sites is they ALWAYS cheap out on the PSU.
  13. I think the reason it's "mislabelled" is because they're still talking about the Intel X58 thing, and the Intel X58 IS SLI capable, the board itself isn't. Maybe I'm just reading too much into it.
  14. Thanks for all the feedback so far..

    so im going to send it back...
    should i just play it safe and get a 1200watt psu?
    also, what board supports quad sli? asus p6t deluxe?
  15. any sli board supports quad sli from this generation:) i believe you need to have Windows Vista, thats the only catch:)
  16. so do i need to upgrade to 1200watt psu
  17. good luck with your reactor ;)

    A+ for the Corsair, best psu on the market for the money atm I think:). Rated better than some 1200 watt psus 2:)
  18. Yea, 1000W, modular and only $270. Plus the corsair quality.
  19. yup:)
  20. Hey my friend you said earlier your bottom card led comes on.Plug you monitor cord into bottom card this is now your primary.This is y the black screen.:)
  21. Im really disapointed in these cards.First i have 2 295's and a asus board w 750 chip.These cards wont even boot with this board n causes crashes and lock ups.evga says theres a prob with the chipset compatability.second i switch bak to old dfi board and dual core.both cards are listed there and installed but cant enable sli.I take 1 out then i can.I doint think they for 1 can run quad in x8 and 2 arent compatable with 750a.Second you do have to have vista to run quad .im using w 7 rc maybe therews sumthin up there.
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