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Hey all,

I've had my Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer for a while ago, and at the Q6600's stock 2.4GHz, temperatures idle at a nice 30C. The whole purpose of me buying the cooler was to overclock, and so today I found myself finally up to attempting it.

When I got into the BIOS, it was kind of confusing compared to the one I was watching off a tutorial on YouTube. I found, under the CPU config, the FSB multiplier, which I changed from auto to 9 (which I think was default anyways). After looking a couple minutes for the page with the actual frequencies, I found this:

Now, originally, the MANUAL was set to Auto, so I just set it to manual to pick the frequency, changed it to 400 (3.6) and then I changed the RAM frequency as well to simply match it to the CPU speed so it worked well.

However, when I thought about upping the VCore, I got really confused about the 4 lines at the bottom. I don't know what's what, so I reset the settings and what to change. I did read parts of the guide, but it is somewhat confusing once I was approached with all these different options. Is there also something else I have to change to go with the RAM overclock? I'm just rather nervous. Could someone please guide me in the right direction as to what I want to change to accomplish a 3.6GHz overclock on my Q6600?

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  1. Is that all the voltage controls in the bios? What motherboard are you using?

    I would try updating your bios before you do anything.
  2. It's the P5KPL AM (SE). It was purchased no more than 2 months ago. I'll try and update it.

    Here are a couple other screens by the way:

    Not that the first one will help much anyways.
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