Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition 3.2Ghz(2009.12.11~current)

thanks my brother with my daddy.

because my brother with my daddy are fix self Mainborad , power supply.

because my borther with my daddy has one hundred percent professional engineer.


My brother has get starting ten years old soldering with co2 welding with tig welding with mig welding with arc welding.

But i'm give up thirteen years old.

Because they are most danger.

i hated Argon. :(

But i should be still used Argon for the still researching.:(

That is truth.:(


CPU Cooler : Air Type(Current)

GPU Cooler : None(Current)

Ram Cooler : None(Current)

Unknown Cooler : None(Current)


i'm not a hardware with software fanboy
i'm not a overclocker.

i'm just Researcher.

actually my brother has really hardware with software fanboy.


i'm sure.

that is truth.


brother : you should be posted this result.(x4 9850 3.2Ghz)

because i'm still fix anything product for the consumers.

Researcher(Me) : WTF i do i'm still researching for the creative mass dumbass bastard **** go fuckyourself stupid ass.

brother : hahaha you can't self fix mainborad power supplies.

Researcher : hahaha you can't self argon with another(secret) mass combined.

brother : hahahahahahahahahahahahahahax9999 this is just your god damn theory.

Researcher : hahahaha this is just your god damn fix blowjob something.

brother : hahaha fix blowjob has can't self fix mainborad power supplies.

Researcher : Clam down brother i'm doing it. get a relax.

because daddy has before still silent watching us.
someday daddy has yelling us.(i guess)

brother : just do it.(silent voice)


Zr = Phenom x4 9850 BE 3.2Ghz

Cr = Core Voltage 1.280(2009.12.11~current)

Rh = Still Activated Kind of powersupply,cpu,mainborad,cpu cooler,ram,gpu,CRT monitor,keyborad,mouse...*skip.(2009.12.11~current)

Pm = Air Type

Pd = Do nothing happen blue screen with anything faults with shutdowns.

Os = This is my Point(Safety)


By. One Hundred Percent Human Race Researcher.
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  1. Ummm.. What?
  2. Derp n Derp
  3. and what derp n derp ??? 0*C fan seem like unlocked Core :D
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