i sent this to NETCOM,
ive got two computers , one in my room and the other in my sisters room , and we both want the internet , but we are running a dail up connection. would i be able to put a wireless network card in my PC and my sisters PC so that she can access the internet aswell? but is it true that she can only go on the net when my computers on and i connect to the net on my computer?

any solutions and advice is greatly appreciated.

and he wrote this and i need to know what i need to do and to buy to do this becuase i dont understand this bloke:
What you try to implement is to configure your computer which has wireless adaptor card and modem install as a 'gateway'. Once your computer is configured as a 'gateway', then it allows the computer to route the information to your sister's computer. (i.e. internet sharing) Your sister's computer also requires a wireless adaptor card as well.

i dont understand , help me out !!!
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  1. What operating system are you using? Windows 98 and above have 'Wizards' for Internet connection sharing that should allow you to set stuff up fairly easily.

    You would first need to get the Wireless network working though.

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  2. Oh yeah - it is also true that your PC would need to be on & connected to the net for hers to surf.

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  3. yehh umm my brand spankin new AMD64 will be running windows XP and my sisters celeron800 will be running windows ME.
    whats happens if my sisters got a modem in her comp aswell
    is there anyway i can connect mine and hers up onto one phone line so she can use the net with out my comp being on and connected. with the phone line just going to my computer.
  4. You'd have to run a phone line to her PC. Then yes you could both have modems and dial in with the same account, but only one at a time without getting 2 phone lines. Where if you are sharing one connection you can both be online at the same time.

    Of coarse if you can afford a new AMD64 then you can afford a cable modem! ;)

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  5. can i get a wireless dail up modem that can send signals to mine and my sisters computer.
    what do wireless adaptor cards do.
  6. do u mean cable modem as in ADSL broadband ?
  7. That would be ideal, along with a 4 port wireless router, and your both set.

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