Overclocking made simple??

ok i just watched a 6 min video on this guy overclocking his 920 to 4.1GHz and did it on one try and that 6 min vid included 2 short benchmarks and all the reboots.

now either you guys are over complicating overclocking or i missed something in the video.

his cpu --- i7 920
his mobo --- asus p6t

---all he did was go into his bios
---change overclock tuner from auto to manual
---change 1st frequency from 133 to 195
---left m2nd frequency option on 100
---change 3rd frequency from auto to ddr3 1563 (was on drop down list)
---hit f10 and ok
---he said "left voltage on auto to be noob friendly"
---restarted his rig and bam from stock to 4.1GHz

now is that really all there is to it or what? and is it different from mobo to mobo or not really?

here is the video if you want to watch.
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  1. Auto is for noobs and not recommended.

    Read this guide. There are a couple other guides that are helpful as well.
  2. Don't know about you, but for me taking short-cuts or the easy-way-out usually doesn't end all that well. I'm always way better off to take my time and do it the right-way.

    My 3 cents worth (see it always the long~way more expensive way for me LMAO)
  3. Did he say what to do if its unstable and was there anything about finding the maximum stable setting or monitoring the temperature, all these are important. You can just do that any it may work fine but it might not. Also auto voltage is most likely using more than it needs therefore increasing temperature.
  4. any difference in overclocking between 920 and 930?? or do they both do it in the same proccess
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