Need suggestion for this graphic card!!!!

hi there i was doin research for my new pc build and i was wonderin if there is any different if i get an xfx 9800 gt graphic to play crysis, l4d, fall out 3, assassincreed on max setting on my 22inch lcd.

my system include
GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
640 gb 7200 rpm 32 mb cach hard drive
4 gb of G.skills ddr2 800 (4-4-4-12)
Cpu e8400
OS window vista 64 bit
PSU 600wat

is there a different or should i shop around for a different card, if u guy can give me suggestion that would be great. i'm tryin to stay on a bugget for the grapgich of no more then 170 buck
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  1. Crysis won't max out, l4d, fallout 3 and assasins will:), well assasin's may have hiccups:P
    I would also look into the 4830 since it matches the 9800 GT and can be found cheaper at times. Though if you want to b able to play it safe, either the HD 4850 or the 9800 GTX+ would be a better choice.

    Thats just a general idea.

    I'll assume that your monitor is 1600s resolution?
  2. The best performing graphic card at $170 if you factor in the rebate is a HD4870 512
  3. That card has no future proofing though, and theres no gaurantee that there will be anymore 512 megs 4870s since the 1 gigs are starting to become soo cheap. PLus if he ever wanted to add an x2 (or a 4870 1gig) he would b restricted to 512. I mean if your going to go for a higher card, you might as well as go for the 4870 1 gig.

    But its up to the OP, he doesn't have crossfire, but he might choose to switch boards in the near future:P

    170$ is a really good price the 4870 :)
  4. As a new build, I`d look to either the HD4870 1Gb or GTX260.
    I`ve not checked too many prices but both can be found on Newegg for $210 or slightly less. I know this is over budget but a 9800GT is going to need to be replaced fairly quickly unless you turn down the quality settings.
  5. any other suggestion other then the hd4870???
  6. 260 GTX.
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