PWR_fan CHA_fan difference?

1) so I'm looking at my mobo schematics and it's obvious which fan the CPU fan connector hooks into, but what is the difference between the other 2?

2)I'm assuming these are so the mobo can control the speed of the fan based on what it need. Is that right? Do you set the speed for this anywhere (bios, special utility)?

3) what do you do if you have 5+ fans in the case and only these 2 fan connectors? are just 2 controlled by the mobo and the others get hooked up to the power supply or is it possible to have the mobo control all of these fans?
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  1. You can control the speed of the cha_fan in the bios and you can't control the pwr_fan.
  2. the fan settings in the bios are usually in the "pc health" area and usually is best to set the them to smart or auto control. That way they self regulate fan speed to control temps.
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