Good System for at least 5 years?

Howdy! This would be my first time posting and building a machine if things go well.

I'm not really up-to-date with hardware and not too intelligent when it comes to necessities outside of what requirements I have. I'm more toward the average pre-built buyer, but I've become a little more picky since my last purchase in 2004. Being in I have around 900-1.2k to work with and don't plan on gaming outright, my choices are a little limited. I'm going to be working on a comp sci degree at school whilst writing applications for my current employer at home (my work comp is a HP Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ with 2 MB, 32 MB Nvidia card with dual monitor support, running XP, and it has trouble with compiling VS 2008 applications some times).

I'd appreciate any help/advice/suggestions that can be given, I know I'm not giving a whole lot in return for a ton.

My requirements:
- Preferably a good quick processor that would last me a few years. I've heard good things about the Q9550 and would like to stay in the core 2 quad core family or better. With that being said, the processor is up in the air so long as it is not ancient in the next 3 years I'll be content (like my 1.3 Centrino in 2006).

- Don't know anything about mobo's, but I would like mine to contain 4-6 sata connections, built in raid/mirror handler (if not a card will work), built in LAN with wireless (not necessity but nice). I'm not sure what amount of memory is good these days, I'd prefer to start with at least 4 and upgradable to 8 for some lee-way in the future.

- Graphics cards are upgradable (thank god), so all I require is a 256 w/ dual monitor capabilities. That way if I feel the need to dust off Vista I can without too many worries. :whistle:

- I've got an old DVD player that I hardly ever use from my current desktop and a few HDD's laying around (40 GB for OS and 250 GB for data), so there aren't any extra HDD requirements.

- I'm not too picky on memory so long as it works, which ever you recommend I'll probably get.

- Unfortunately, I have no idea about cases, fans or power supplies (other than what they look like and how they fit together) so minimums in this area, as they are replaceable, are preferred.

I noticed in another post someone asking about timing and it should be best to wait until Feb 09, but I'm not sure I'll be able to wait that long. What kind of price difference do you suspect will be occurring at that time?

Thanks again!
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  1. well to help you on your way this is what i would recommend:

    q9550 cpu + (9700NT zalman cooler if you want to make your pc very quite)

    p45 asus mobo

    4 GB ddr2 800 or ddr2 1066 (depending on the price difference) i don't think you will need 8gb even in the near future.

    zalman or corsair psu ( the zalman is the quiter one but costs a little more)

    asus , xfx or sapphire HD 4850 512mb for res up to 1600 for 1900 go for the 1gb

    dont use an old hd in a new system it will slow it down just get a WD 640GB black

    case is personal but get a decent on on a $60 case

    sony/NEC dvd burner

    i think i got everything, this should help you. can,t go wrong with this build.
  2. Wow that was a quick very concise response. Thank you very much. I'm looking into the pricing right now, but so far it looks like I'll be going with this build.

    On a side-note, the reason I was going with the current HDD's and DVD burner was the price involved, but from the looks so far, I'll be able to afford the new ones.

    Thanks again!
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