I need help with a raid setup

Hello, i'm trying to setup raid one on my x8sas super micro board, using 2 hitachi 500 bg sata drives, windows x64 pro. This is the problem: I go into bios enable raid enhanced - set to intel - configure raid utility, make the arrays raid 1 then go to setup windows, I get to the point of putting the floppy for intel x64 sata controller driver that loads then i get a bsod. I have tried different drives and just about everything I can think of, I called supermicro and they said the HDD i have might be desktop grade and not good enough for raid??? I have never heard that before. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
PS if you need more info let me know ill drop my full specs
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  1. Don't know about Hitachi, but try googling TLER, and it'll give you some leads on why you need HDDs that the mfr says are RAID-compatible. WD RIAD HDDs are "RE" models.
  2. I switched to a burned x64 pro xp install disc and that seems to work now.... so weird
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