Which older Nvidia card would you use?

I am putting together a system for my Son out of old parts. I have a 3.0 P4 w/HT, 756mb ddr333 RAM and a Abit It7 mainboard. I have a few older AGP video cards to choose from:4600ti, FX5700 LE and 6200

It would seem the 6200 is the latest and probably greatest, but this board seems cheap, very few components on it compared to the other two and only a passive heatsink. Ideas?
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  1. they all suck unbelievably much... but the fx5700 will be much better than any of the others...

    I strongly suggest that you try to get a hold of a geforce 7600gt for really cheap.
  2. if my choices were limited to the three listed which i am guessing you have these sitting around, use the 4600. it was a much better card than the 5700. i would imagine you may be able to find some AGP charts to guide you as well. the 6200 was a budget card out of the gate so i would bet its performance is similar to the 5700.
  3. The 5700 is probably the most powerful of the bunch, but the drivers weren't the best...I would take a chance with it, and if you have issues, use the 6200.
  4. i checked google a bit for benchmark's, and i found that they ussualy pray the FX5700 however all the benchmark links leading to it are dead :/
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