Dell uses proprietary power conecters in my case?

I was wondering if dell uses a proprietary psu in my case and wethever i can upgrade it from 350 watt to something more substantial. I have a Dell Vostro 220m and would like to gaming on it.
Thanks :hello:
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  1. Dell hasn't used much in the way of proprietary psu's for more than 8 years, your psu can be replaced with almost any standard ATX unit.
  2. yea you should be able to get any power supply, just check the connections you need first. a power supply alone isnt going to do much if anything to improve actual gaming speeds. ive looked at the specs for that model and if you really want to do some gaming. def build it yourself. or find a shop that can build you one.
  3. i dont want to go all out gaming, just some cod4 and some crysis in all medium.
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