Max safe core speed for 5770

right now iv got it from 850mhz to 950mhz
with Mem. Clock from 1200mhz to 1350mhz

the Mem. clock is as high as it can go without crashing. but im wondering if its safe to raise the core clock. max temps are 71C
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  1. Quote:
    Just keep it under 90C. My 5770 went to 1.1Ghz core on Air

    but is it safe to keep it that high? like in terms of lower the life of the GPU is tempurature all i need to worry about?
  2. Quote:
    You'll upgrade long before you have to replace it for failure.

    what program do you use? CCC only lets me take it up to 960mhz. with MSI afterburner it can go higher. but whenever i press "apply" it takes it back to 960mhz.
  3. There is no maximum safe clock speed.

    There is however maximum safe voltage and temperature.
  4. Quote:
    Your bios has it locked at 960. You need to flash it to the Asus unlocked bios to go higher.

    ok im about to flash to the bios. but first am i going to have to worry about voltages? like manually change them?

    also are there any other effects of flashing the Bios? like is it going to reset my current overclocking? or anything else?
  5. also is there anything i should do before flashing it?
  6. also does it matter if im not using an Asus mobo? iv got an Msi
  7. basically i dont remember at all how to flash a Bios.
  8. CrysisComa said:
    also does it matter if im not using an Asus mobo? iv got an Msi

    I think you may be confused. He means flashing the graphics card BIOS, not the mobo.
  9. cromedome said:
    I think you may be confused. He means flashing the graphics card BIOS, not the mobo.

    yea i just figured that out. so anyway does it matter that my card is not Asus? also how exactly do i do this? iv got the .bin file but what exactly do i do next?

    should i set the card back to its original speed before doing this? and also what safety precautions should i take first? sorry about all the questions. im pritty much a noob at this
  10. Quote:

    ok so iv got both those programs. now which one do i use to flash to the new Bios?
  11. ok so i loaded the new Bios with Winflash. and clicked "program" but than it said "Subsystem Mismatch ID" and doesnt finish

    so then when i save that and load it in RBE it just loads my current Bios and doesnt change it.
  12. ok so i was able to change the saved copy of the Bios in RBE and change the Max overclock to 1200mhz, then i flashed it and i can overclock more now.

    im able to get to 1010mhz but any higher than that when i try a stability test it crashes and says the Display Driver crashed. does this basically mean its as high as i can get it?

    also would changing the Voltage in afterburner help increase the overclock? its at 1.2V right now. or is this as high as i can get it?
  13. it all mainly depends on who makes the card/bios. i remember having msi 5770 hawks and i got stable at 1100core and 1375 memory with a 1.3v. i watercooled them though.
  14. I have seen 1050/1410 @ 1.3v and temps never reached 70c after countless hours of gaming in warm ambient temps (MSI Hawk w/ MX-2 on AIR)
  15. ok i raised the voltage to 1.35V and iv got it atable at 1050Core/1350Mem this is as high as temps will let me get it on air anyway. thanx all for your help
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