Your disk drive is protected

i can't make format or delete files in my flash memory and appear to me message of Your disk is write protected
what does it mean and how can i change it?
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  1. If your flash drive doesn't have a switch on it for write protection, then most likely it has failed.
    If you have access to another pc try it in that to make sure.
  2. Go to my computer, right-click on the flash drive and select Properties, go to tools and run disk check on the flash drive.

    You will most likely have to reformat it.

    If you know how, you can make a liveCD for linux and boot into said liveCD and check to see if the Fash-drive is recognized inside of linux. If it isn't reformat it. If it still can't be accessed. It might not work anymore.

    If you need to get files from it, you might be able to with

    Do you remember what filesystem you had on the flash drive?Ex: NTFS, FAT, FAT32
  3. Firstly, thanks a lot for your rapid response.
    Secondly, i tried to make Disk Check, but, it rejected as the same reason of your disk is wright protected.
    I didn't understood your solution by Linux, so, i hope you have another method with Windows XP.
    My files which stored at MP3 format, and the file system on the Flash memory is FAT32.
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