Gigabyte EX58-UD5 Bios Update Question

Hello all,

I have just got a GA-EX58-UD5 motherboard for my i7-920 and wanted to update its Bios to the latest version F4. I read that its possible to do so by using a USB flash drive.

I want to know whether a normal 2GB usb Pen drive i have can solve the purpose or a pen drive and a usb flash drive are two different things (a noobish question i think)?

Also, since i have no prior experience of updating the bios and if my pen drive can solve the purpose, how can i do that, a brief step by step instruction or a link to the same will be appreciated :)
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  1. No problem (pen drives, and USB flash drives are the same, just different diameters, or connectors).
  2. ^Correct.

    A few things:

    2. Format the USB drive in FAT, not NTFS. Then move the BIOS file to it.

    3. Read the manual on how to use QFlash.

    4. DO NOT install the DES Software.
  3. Thanks shadow and IH8U, just waiting for my RAM sticks to arrive, will be completing the build by this weekend :)
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