Whats the best way to have a complete backup?

I need the best way to have a complete backup. I think they call it a "Bare Metal Backup". You know, if you format a infected drive and just 'replace' everything you have backed up.
Prefer hardware.
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  1. "Prefer hardware" If by hardware you mean cd/dvd/hdd etc. then you need an image program like Acronis True Image, Ghost or similar, Acronis my choice.
    If you have Windows 7 it has a built in image backup.
    Once you have your pc set up the way you want and activated, create an image of the drive to an external hdd or dvd.
    DVD is more permament, as hdd can break down, I don't recomend using a second partition, if the drive fails so does your backup.
    Using Acronis you can make an image to dvd for security and using second hard drive, you can setup an auto backup at a given interval, ie; daily, weekly or monthly to create incremental backups that will alllow you to reinstal to the last backup.
  2. Acronis +1
  3. Try our latest product - CA ARCserve D2D, it was only released this year and can provide Bare Metal Recovery to Dissimilar hardware. it also does 15 min incrementals, the first of which can automatically merge with the initial full backup using a user defined Retiontion count.

    Link to the site for more Info: http://www.arcserve.com/us/default.aspx
  4. Another vote for Acronis.
  5. +1 for Acronis
  6. I've used Acronis and Drive Image XML. Both are nice.
  7. Another vote for Acronis
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