Can't push my new (used) q6600 past stock speeds

Here's my specs:

I had just purchased this "system pull" CPU used off of ebay and so far, it works beautifully, except for the fact it won't overclock even a bit!

If I push the fsb from its stock speed of 1066 (leaving the ram at 800, unlinked, it won't overclock either) to 1200 or even 1100, it barely makes it past the windows 7 boot animation before having an omnious-looking blue screen pop up that says "hardware malfunction"...

I decided to increase the voltage to 1.3v to see if that would help, but it didn't. I then tried 1.4 with no success. Does the multiplier factor into this situation at all? It's at 9x (as high as it can go), but it can also do 8x, 7x, and 6x.

Any advice??

By the way, it runs at stock, as far as I can tell, completely stable at stock clocks and voltages.
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  1. Start by setting the RAM ratio to its LOWEST number - 8x? Then re-start, get into BIOS and do your OC in gradual steps. Do not exceed the voltage specs set by the manufacturer.

    The CPU-Z you posted states the clock speed as 2399.83 MHz (266.65 * 9) - isn't this what you are after? Note: 1.4V for the CPU seems high - will reduce CPU life; maybe even burnout the CPU.

    If you need to get more familiar with Overclocking, read some of the excellent guides at this site and other sites.
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