Phenom X4 940 3.6 Gnz

Guys i have a problem...

checking in cpu-z it shows 3.6 because i overclocked ofcourse, but running 3dmarkvantage cpu speed shows as 3 ghz
i checked all kind of different cpu speed checkers and they show up as 3 ghz as well
so i assume i run at 3 ghz

what can i do so i really run at 3.6 or 3.4???
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  1. What kind of CPU speed checkers are you using. Many would show the specs of the processor which is labeled as 3ghz but doesn't show the actualy clock. Windows for example would show your CPUs default specs but not the actual current speed.
  2. well i was checking with 3dmarkvantage, than with cpu speed pro. and in some online sites.
  3. CPU-z - validate and publish online then give us a link (or take a screenshot and post). What CPU-z tells you will be true. If you have Cool & Quiet enabled, it will downclock during idle conditions.
  4. cpu-z validate s@#t.. cool & quiet disabled long time ago.. never even used it..
    bios i overclocked everything by voltage and went to 3.375.. stable.. now it shows on any other checker real 3.375 even cpu-z which is kind of shitty soft..
  5. i was able to overclock to 3.6 with amd overdrive and cpu-z validate it.. but what a bull s@#t, 3dmarkvantage ran 3.0 ghz.. all other checkers said same it was 3.0.. so cpu-z is throw away
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    Cpu-z is the standard, I don't understand your frustration with it :)
    Evga+Gigabyte both use a version of that software in their cpu ID utilities.
    If underload, what Cpuz says, is what you got.
  7. underload says same thing my friend ;]
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