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I have an old Sony Vaio computer that i'd like to know what graphics card would be suitable for it and able to not bottleneck.

Pentium D 2.8ghz
1gb ram
Radeon x800 (it came with a x200, but i got rid of that when i got it)

It doesn't matter if it's Nvidia or ATI. I might not even have this computer long enough to warrant the upgrade, but i might give it away to a relative for gaming needs.

The computer will mainly be used to play EQ2, which is more of a cpu dependent game, but still needs a decent enough graphics card. Whenever i play it, the graphics card goes under full load and it's just loud as can be. If you could suggest a card that's quiet and/or fanless that would be wonderful.

Also, do you think adding ram will make the computer a little bit more faster or is the processor just lacking and it's futile to consider upgrading it?

Thank you all :)
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  1. resolution is at 1280x1024 or 1440x900. Normally it's at 1280x1024. I'm not wanting to spend a whole lot on the upgrade so if it could be under $100 that would be great.
  2. HD4670 or HD4830 (which requires a 6pin PCI-e power connector).
  3. what kind of processor am i able to upgrade to? a Celeron Dual Core?

    Also, i have a 300watt power supply and is that going to be enough to cover the cards listed?
  4. I 'd stick with the Radeon HD4670 for your computer. You'll see a massive improvement over the x800.
  5. the 4670 has a recommended power supply of 400 watts...I think the 4350 is a big enough jump as is.
  6. The 4670 draws a maximum of 48 Watts@12v nominal, unless your PSU has less than 12Amps on the +12v rail (read the label!) this card will be fine. In fact several Dell users with 300W supplies have sucessfully upgraded to this card.
    A dual core Celeron would be a downgrade.
  7. yeah i did a little more research. Sony's site didn't have a whole lot so i had to go to Intel instead. I can support C2D so...yeah.

    As for graphics card, I don't plan on having this computer for that much longer (might give it to a relative so she doesn't have to game on a laptop.) The 4350 would cost me $25 with a mail in rebate while the lowest 4670 would cost $70. To me, i'm trying to keep this cheap. Going from a x800 to a 4350 is a big enough upgrade.
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