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Window Booting Issue

Recently my pc always reboot in the middle of operation after BSOD . Upon checking event viewer, it said something hdd issue. So I replace with new hdd & clone the old hdd into new hdd. After cloning done, I remove the old hdd & process to start pc.

Everything is in order & the pc is fine as before. But after few hrs. of use, the issue happen again, reboot by itself. When process to start window (running blue bar), it’s just hang there. So I interrupt it by pressing restart button. Worst is coming, after POST & process to booting, the screen asks choose what mode to start window.

Any of the available modes that I choose failed to start window. It just reboot again & again after either of the available mode is chose. I did try to reset the CMOS but to no avail.

At this point, I don’t think the issue is lie on hdd. Both hdd can be function when I configure it as slave drive on another pc.

The new hdd is installed with Acronis True Image (added after disc clone) & I can boot from it by pressing F11. BIOS also can be access & edit.

I try to do a clean window installation again. After load in XP cd & all necessary file is loaded & process to installation, it reboot again. I repeat the installation again but problem persist.

For the issue, is it the BIOS / CMOS are corrupted when I interrupt during the window starting hanged? If so, how to restore the corrupted BIOS / CMOS without window in operation (I can’t even start window)? My pc is without floppy drive. If to use bootable floppy disk, can it done via USB or else & what is the step?

My system – MSI P4MAM-V Mainboard with built in VGA, Window XP Pro Service Pack 3, 1Gb RAM, 80Gb Seagate hdd.
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  1. it's means you experience corrupted system, try to back up all your data, and re-install the operating system... hope it works...
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    Yea, restore may be your best bet. Maybe if you can give us the blue screen error code, we may be able to narrow down the issue.
  3. Alaskan_IT said:
    Yea, restore may be your best bet. Maybe if you can give us the blue screen error code, we may be able to narrow down the issue.

    After numerous testing include RAM, hdd also to have BIOS update to the newest version, the problem lie with RAM. The RAM is defective & after replacement, it back to business again. Well guys, thks for the support & sharing the issued.
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