Vdroop on Core i5 750 (And new voltage specs)

I am trying to get my CPU stable and for 3.8GHz (200x20) I need a minimum Vcore of 1.325v and to compensate for both Vdrop and Vdroop I require 1.395v in the bios. This has me concerned because of the recently updated voltage specs from intel which states an absolute maximum Vcore of 1.4v which I am very close to at idle. I like to avoid using LLC whenever possible to avoid spiking voltage but the high idle voltage has me wondering whether simply disabling Vdroop would be the best option (enabling LLC). Any thoughts?

Here are some voltage sttings I am using:
Vcore ---- 1.395 (Vdroop on)
IMC(vtt) - 1.3
DRAM ---- 1.65
The rest are default
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  1. Sure seems like you need a lot of voltage for 4.0 Ghz (200 X 20 = 4.00 Ghz.) but in your case enabling LLC would be the way to go as long as you have at least a mid range board with enough capacitors.
  2. Whoops I meant that to say 200x19 and yes this is not the best CPU but I do have a quality motherboard (ASUS Sabertooth 55i). Just for the record I am stability testing with Intel burn test and my temps do not go above around 75 degrees with my hyper 212+.

    EDIT: Do you think I would need less Vcore if I used 190x20? I like running my 1600MHz ram at full speed using the 200MHz Bclk.
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