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Ok so i build a computer last june and i put a Nvidia 8800 GTS into it, worked amazing, then about 6 months later i found that the 9800 was cheaper that the 8800, so i drove back to tigerdirect returned my 8800 and bought a 9800 and got the $60 difference back. I figured that hell im getting money and a better card.

Little did i know that the 9800 blows, it runs sooo damn hot, and the card seems to be deteriorating. The main game i play is WoW, and im getting low frames and it seems to be glitchy all the time. Me and a friend have the SAME PSU/GPU setup and he has an 8800 and looks 10 times better on his monitor. (my monitor is better so thats not the prob) I downloaded the latest drivers and that seemed to help a little, but i think its time to move on!

So im kinda not impressed with Nvidia lately and was thinking about changing over to Radeon something thats better than my 9800 but will wont empty my pockets, please help cuz i dont know anything about radeon. Thanks!

Set up

Amd Phenom 9550 (2.2 GHz)
Asus A3M Mobo
4Gb 1066 ddr 2
windows xp 32 bit
Rosewill 600W psu
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  1. Before you make any hardware changes, check your game settings and those in the Nvidia settings. Do n`t force AA/AF in the drivers if those options are in the game and use the Nvidia controls to adjust the colour balance if that is an issue.

    How hot is it running? 80C is warm and can cause issues if the card is overclocked.
  2. 80 degrees is well within the range I don't think thats the problem. The card could be defective, driver problems, and in general ventilation problems. If the card runs 80 degrees on load, thats ok, if it runs 80 on idle, thats when you shouldbe worried.

    Coozie7 is right, check that your not forcing anything in the nvidia drivers, if you can't remember just change to defaults.

    BTW the 9800 GTX basically a 8800 GTS overclocked :) so I dunno if it runs worse than the 8800 GTS;)

    If you really must change cards, nothing would justify your money except going to the next level, and grabing a 1 gig 4870, 260 GTX, 280 GTX, 4870 X2 etc....

    4850 won't satisfy your needs or justify your cash drain:)
  3. Mine runs at 65-70 under a load, but i guess thats really hot when my CPU only gets up to 25. (liquid cooling, tried to OC but mobo blows) I couldnt find a general reset button in the settings so i went to profiles and made a new one, im sure that set it ti defaults, and i dont quite understand what it means when when im forcing something on my card, can u please explain?
  4. yes ofc.

    Forcing on we mean, when you go to Nvidia Control panel and Game settings, your forcing it to turn Anti-ailiasing on to a certain degree, example x's 2 or 4. Basically forcing the game to look its best using the filters and textures. Though to me some of the options in that menu are bs, forcing AA in games that don't have AA can make the game look much better (Unreal T 3).

    Theres having v sync forced, triple buffer, AA blah blah, on that kills some cards. You don't want to be caught in a game like Crysis with these settings on;)
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