Gigabyte 45T-UD3P Motherboard Ram mhz downgrade problem

Hi there
A couple of weeks ago i decided to make new pc and bought gigabyte EP-45T-UD3P motherboard.Couple of days ago 2 of my friends just bought it too.Both of them got same problem.
1 of bought 1600 mhz ocz urban edition ram and getted 1066 mhz he OCed it get 1600 mhz but this time he can't play World of warcraft ( gettin disconnects )Then he changed it to 2 x 1 gb ocz 1333 mhz ram.Other one changed his motherboard and his cpu for solve this matter.
I'm gonna buy my rams soon actually dont know which one should i do;
1-Gonna buy Kingston Hyperx 1375 mhz DDR 3 (2 x 2GB) 4 GB will get 1066 mhz
2-Sounds kinda weird but can buy Kingston hyperx (4 x 1GB) 4GB
3-As u can read from on gigabyte's site on the ram backup list.I'll go and buy (2x2Gb) 4 GB value Ram
p.s (I'm World of warcraft player too :p)
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  1. Always try to keep the number of memory sticks low, since more components means more heat. You also need to constantly check for stabililty after every OC process, especially when you're OCing memory.

    You should also look for your motherboard's Qualified Vendor List (QVL). Or is that what you meant by "ram backup list"? In any case, try to also stick with what Gigabyte recommends withe the mobo QVL.
  2. Yes i meant Qualified Vendor List (QVL).
  3. I just bought 4GB DDR3 HyperX 1375Mhz CL9 (9-9-9) (2*2GB) kit and its works as 4 gb 1333 mhz ram so it's ok case closed :P
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