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I had a question:

I am looking to maybe upgrade to an SSD for my next Drive. I have read a bunch of stuff, mostly thanks to the good people here. I had a question though. I currently have about 80gigs of data on my drive. This is Win 7 and Apps only. IF I were to put a few more games on here... it could reach 100G... Would a 120 or 160G SSD be enough? I know it will fit but we would be looking at 60-80% capacity. Would this effect performance at all? On my current drive this only constitutes about 25% of my total capacity. Any insight would be helpful..

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Keep your old drive, make it a secondary drive in your system, install Windows 7 onto the SSD, Store all the Games on the secondary disk.

    What RPM is the old disk, if its 7200 this should work great.

    Also, Is the old disk SATA or IDE, if SATA then it will work fine.

    You shouldn't see any noticeable performance loss.
  2. Hey thanks DustinM!

    Dumb question....

    I thought your apps and games had to be on the same drive as the OS to be able to run? I remember trying to install a few things on a second drive and it didnt work... please excuse my n00biness :P

    Edit: Old disk is a WD 7200 500GB 16MB SATA II
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    Some applications and games do need to be on the default C: drive to work correctly.
    Games like those on steam or retail disks can be installed onto a separate drive.

    I recommend installing the Applications onto the SSD and only if you start to run out of space start installing to the secondary disk. Ex: 25% left

    If the Games are Retail disk based you can installed them to the C drive, but Digital distributed games can be installed onto a separate disk.
  4. One major thing that will save space is to move the "My Documents" and other "Libraries" folder to another drive.

    This is what we then call a data/media drive. Simply drag and drop them from the "Users" folder on the C drive, and Windows 7 will then point to the new location as default for "Libraries."

    So keep the original drive, and use it for data/media/storage/backups.

    Take a look at the size of these library folders, and see if moving them would free up alot of space. My Win7 drive only uses 22GB of my 80GB RAID 0 SSD array. But don't go this route, it's complicated to RAID SSDs.

    If so, I'd suggest an Intel X25-M 80GB G2 SSD. $219.99 here.
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  6. Thank you very much all.. your answers pretty much gave me a good image of how to accomplish the upgrade!
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