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I have just purchased a new lap-top with windows 7 and I can't connect to my network (cable gateway) It shows a wireless connection excellent strength.but doesn't connect.I can connect to a unsecured neighbor.
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  1. Can you connect to your own wireless if you disable wireless security in the Netgear unit ?

    If so, you need to make sure that you select a protocol (preferably WPA) which both devices support. If you must use WEP, try noting the HEX translation of the passphrase used and apply that to the laptop wireless user interface.
  2. I had this problem as well. The only fix was to change to WPA2-PSK (personal) on the Netgear router and do the same on the wireless card/adapter. I tried working with my ISP technical support and Dell technical support for over 17 hours and NOTHING they suggested worked.

    I hope this works for you!
  3. Zeke,

    You are a genius. Had the same problem with a Dell and ended up sending it back. Same problem existed on an HP and concluded it was an OS issue. This worked for me.

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