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I'm having trouble with one of my drives. During boot, a message appears that Windows needs to check one of my disks for errors. I let it do so and it takes forever. However, it hasn't done anything because it wants to do the check on every boot.

I can see the problem drive in windows explorer, but I can't access it. I used a demo version of 'Active@ Partition Recovery' software to scan the problem drive. After performing a scan I can see all my files on it, but I have to pay for a license key to be able to recover the files. So, I would like to know of a good free program for recovering my files? Also, I would like the free program to offer a choice of which files I wanted to recover instead of having to recover the entire drive.

By the way, this problem drive is my storage drive and it contains many important files.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. Here use this

    It can recover all, or most of the files.

    And it's freeware, meaning no license or fee.

    Piriform makes good software.
  2. Quote:
    As far as I know, Recuva cannot recover files from lost partition.

    You can try EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition,

    it can recover files from lost hard drive partition.

    For Recuva, if you can see the drive in my computer/explorer, you can recover files.
  3. I've successfully recovered all my files! I used Active@ Partition Recovery and it did an AWESOME job!! I highly recommend this program! It is inexpensive, too.

    Sorry I didn't get back here with a timely update.

    Thanks for all the help, guys!
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