Can I OC my system??

I have an older ACER computer with an AMD Athlon 64 3800, 1GB RAM, Geforce 9800GT by ASUS, 680w BFG PSU. I dont know what type of Motherboard is in there but its a AM2 socket MB. My question is can I overclock this system and if so how?
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    You have to hit probably the delete key during startup to enter the BIOS. Then you have to change the FSB clock speed from 200 to something higher.

    The FSB clock speed times the CPU multiplier = the clock speed of your CPU.
    The same FSB clock speed times the RAM speed multiplier = the clock speed of your RAM, I don't recommend overclocking RAM, most RAM have very little headroom so you can down the multiplier.

    Then there is CPU voltage. A higher CPU voltage can increase stability of the transistors on the CPU but at the same time too much voltage can damage the CPU. You can't killa processor by raising the clock, but you can kill a processor by raising voltage.

    Heat can kill a processor as well. Read a guide to see what is the maximum safe level of voltage and look at your temps.

    You may not even be able to overclock. Most pre-assembled computers have a locked BIOS that prevents overclocking. I once had an AMD 3500+ which I overclocked to 2.5Ghz from the stock 2.3 so maybe you can do the same. I forgot the settings because it was so long ago.
  2. Thanks for the reply. The last time I overclocked a cpu was way back during the time when we were still in the MHz department and it involved moving the jumpers on a motherboard. Didnt know that it was actually alot easier now. LOL. Ill try the BIOs and see what I can come up with. I mainly have that computer for older games and internet but I was wanting to squeeze what I could from it before i try and upgrade my motherboard and PCU. Im already trying to save up for something new. its gonna take awhile though. Thanks again,
  3. Ok I tried the bios but i cant find anything that will let me actually let me change anything so i guess you were right and the bios is locked. Oh well, cant blame a broke guy for trying! LOL. Thanks again. I will close this one.
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